Monday, August 9, 2010

Treasuries and lovely blogs

I have been working on creating new treasuries, but they are fairly time consuming, as I like to make sure the shop is legitimate before I include them. Also, finding photos which are good is equally challenging. Sometimes I just want to try to help he seller out with a message of tips, but think that would probably not come across the way I would like it to in print. Here is my newest treasury, it's all about back to school.
I was attempting to include newer shops with not so many sales. I am going to work another one soon.

Also of interest, to me that is, I found a great blog that had featured my wallets one day last month! I was so excited I almost choked on my big gulp of coffee I had just taken.
Here is the link:
I wish my blog could be as nice, but I think that would require a bit more time on my part and I haven't been all that great about posting regularly.

As for Sunday Market, it did not end up being worth it. Two particularly bad Sundays in a row convinced me to give up on the enterprise entirely. On the other hand I have been hard at work creating new items for Happy Kathy. I'm very happy with the new fabrics I have gotten recently! They are really lovely!

I am going to become better at blogging, I swear it, looking at the other blogs today has given me a real push in the right direction.