Monday, August 9, 2010

Treasuries and lovely blogs

I have been working on creating new treasuries, but they are fairly time consuming, as I like to make sure the shop is legitimate before I include them. Also, finding photos which are good is equally challenging. Sometimes I just want to try to help he seller out with a message of tips, but think that would probably not come across the way I would like it to in print. Here is my newest treasury, it's all about back to school.
I was attempting to include newer shops with not so many sales. I am going to work another one soon.

Also of interest, to me that is, I found a great blog that had featured my wallets one day last month! I was so excited I almost choked on my big gulp of coffee I had just taken.
Here is the link:
I wish my blog could be as nice, but I think that would require a bit more time on my part and I haven't been all that great about posting regularly.

As for Sunday Market, it did not end up being worth it. Two particularly bad Sundays in a row convinced me to give up on the enterprise entirely. On the other hand I have been hard at work creating new items for Happy Kathy. I'm very happy with the new fabrics I have gotten recently! They are really lovely!

I am going to become better at blogging, I swear it, looking at the other blogs today has given me a real push in the right direction.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Kathy will have a new label soon!

I am so excited! The new labels I ordered for the shop will be coming soon! They are going to feature flowers in a row with my shop name across the bottom. They look very cute and I am excited to change it up a bit. Sometimes it is fun to make a few changes here and there to make things feel fresh.
I received some very lovely new fabric from my wonderful aunt who recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii, she picked me up some very cute Japanese fabrics, and some awesome floral prints, as well as a thing or two with hula dancers on them.
I have actually already used one of the Japanese prints to make a wallet with already and it's in the shop.
I only have enough fabric to make two wallets from it.
Things are going well here. Just having a lot of fun with summer vacation and having the kids home all the time. They are full of energy from the moment they get out of bed in the morning until I'm ready to pass out at their bedtime! Can you even imagine what could be accomplished with that kind of energy? I wish I had some of it, even a bit of it! God I feel old! ;)
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunday Market Tomorrow!

How exciting!!!! Mother's Day is tomorrow! And the First Sunday Market!!! I will be there with Cindy and we will be having a grand ole time hanging out and trying to sell our wares! Wish us luck!
Update to come after!
Photo taken from the Astoria Sunday Market website, unsure of artist.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cool news

What an honor! I have been chosen for the Mother's Day Voter Page. It's an etsy voter page. If you want to please go vote for me! I'm the roses wallet, the link is at
If I am among the top voted on then I can maybe get on the front page! :) That would be fantastic!

This is so cool! I can't believe it. I've sold this wallet once already but have plenty of material to make more. 
Getting ready for the market...
Have so much to do. Labeling all of my items, making orders and inventory. I have to also make sure that I am prepared for the big day with all the essentials all packed and ready to go and on top of all of this is the news that I have a big interview for a kindergarten position at the school I LOVE! So I am really nervous and trying to prepare for the interview. I would really absolutely love to have this position, I think it is the perfect place for me and Kindergarten is the best!
Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I made it to the Front Page of Etsy

Wow, this is very exciting! I made it to the front page. And I was asleep when it happened! I found out after a bunch of other people, I didn't know they would automatically post about it on my Facebook page. Very way cool! I sold that wallet and two other items, which I have to get busy making. So looks like I know what I'll be doing for the next couple of nights!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

House, and other t.v. that inspires

So my husband, who is attempting to enter nursing school got us addicted to this show.

Lots of New Handmade Fabric Wallets

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I have so many new wallets up on the etsy store. It's exciting everytime I make a new one because I always wonder how they will do in the store if somebody will like one enough to bring it home! I always love them all and am so excited when I post them and I guess I expect everybody to love them as much as I do! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Enter the Giveaway!

Hey guys, Dang Gina, of DangGinaGives, is hosting a giveaway on her blog of one of my wallets. So head on over there sometimes before midnight on March 16th and enter to win~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Fabric!

Today my new fabric from Japan came in the mail! I am so excited because now I can make some new wallets. I'm really looking forward to that. They are pretty cute very kitschy prints, silly things like dogs and little trees. Just pretty and cute!
I will have a hard time selling them, because I will want to keep them all for myself.
Also, put the application in for the upcoming Sunday market in town and so I need to really get busy getting things made for it. I hope I'll have enough things to look like I am a real an proper business!
Oh and Joanne Rideout is interviewing me for Coast Business Journal! She's doing a story about home based businesses, this is very cool.
That's all for now!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello and welcome back!
I just got a message yesterday from Jennifer who runs a blog about her favorite etsy finds, seems that she has chosen my ruffle black flower bag for her gift finds blog entry. You can go see it at the following address:
Very cool! My first time!
Also been making a lot of wallets around here, pretty frequently actually. Off to make another one today.
I have some ideas for a new bag that I'm going to be working on in the next few days, I'll post a picture as soon as it's up.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interesting day

I had a pretty interesting day today, went to the dentist for my first ever cavity filling and it was quite the experience. They numbed my mouth on one side and it was the weirdest thing afterward, I couldn't smile right and I couldn't eat or drink without spilling on myself! It was actually pretty funny, but I would hate to have my face permanently like that.
I'm so happy that I have been making connections to people in different parts of the world, what a great feeling it is to know that there are people all over the world who will be carrying or using something that I made here in my little part of the world. Really neat!
I really want to work on getting some more things made for the shop, I have a lot of ideas, just have to work out when to do them all! I have a substitute teaching job tomorrow and then once I am home again I plan to get to work sewing. *Of course the kids might have something to say about that! *

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New website...

Hey all, Just started up a new website, but it's kind of hard to find time to edit it because it's a regular site that requires all of the software and uploading, etc. So It's nowhere near perfect, yet!
But if you want to stop by to take a look at it, the website address is
Thanks! Oh and I am really going to be doing the Astoria Sunday Market! I have a few friends and we are going to go into it as a co0p. Which is so awesome, my friend Cindy who does awesome stuff with glass, and my friend Kelly, who is going to be doing painted wooden blocks. I am really looking forward to doing this! I just have to get our application turned in. And barring any unforeseen snags, we should be able to set up starting Mother's Day this year.
Wish us luck!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Holy moly 2010

Wow, 2010 already. I am very excited for the year to come, I have so many ideas of new creations I want to make and getting prepared to participate in the Astoria Sunday Market. I am going to be collaborating with other mothers in the area to combine our various skills and creativity into a joint venture!
More new things on the horizon! I've been working hard on making wallets, I think they are pretty awesome. I actually really love the one I made for myself, it works really well.
I am making small tote bags now, perfect for taking your lunch in. Or really any use! They are small, but with two inside pockets.
I really like how they are turning out. And Hannah and Scarlett are pretty excited about them too, I think they'd like it if everything I made was just for them!