Sunday, January 8, 2012


Here it is, a brand new year! I'm excited for 2012 for a number of reasons. The first being that my wonderful, and extremely lovely sister is taking me with her to Italy at the end of January! In a mere 19 days! I am so flipping excited! Last time I went to Italy was in college, in 1998. So a very, very long time ago. We are going for nine nights, three in each of the following cities, Rome, Florence and Venice. When I did my study abroad in Rome all those years ago, I never managed to make it to Venice. The reasons are pretty stupid, but at the time I was very concerned about over spending and was on a very strict budget. And a trip to Venice was a lot of of extra dough that I didn't have to spend. But now in retrospect of course I see how ridiculous that was of me. Oh to go back in time with a smarter brain! But alas, that's what being young is all about.
Now at least I feel like I will get a lot more out of a trip to Italy then I did back then. I certainly will not be checking out the young men...or any men for that matter. Which as I recall was a primary attraction that my younger self indulged in the entire time.
So I plan to just really enjoy everything about this trip. Including my favorite part, the eating. I intend to eat as much and as often as possible. I am not worried at all about gaining weight and do not care if I do gain weight. You are only in Italy so many times in your life and the food is so good! In fact it is so good that I can recall specific places I ate and the amazing dishes I ate there. Something that just doesn't occur all that often in my normal day to day life.
I am very much looking forward to seeing all the sights and checking out all the amazing works of art that we have time for.
It will also be very nice to get away from working on my shop, which I do almost constantly, and to be an adult without children for a little bit as well.
So with that, here is a little photo to get in the mood:

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