Saturday, January 30, 2010

New website...

Hey all, Just started up a new website, but it's kind of hard to find time to edit it because it's a regular site that requires all of the software and uploading, etc. So It's nowhere near perfect, yet!
But if you want to stop by to take a look at it, the website address is
Thanks! Oh and I am really going to be doing the Astoria Sunday Market! I have a few friends and we are going to go into it as a co0p. Which is so awesome, my friend Cindy who does awesome stuff with glass, and my friend Kelly, who is going to be doing painted wooden blocks. I am really looking forward to doing this! I just have to get our application turned in. And barring any unforeseen snags, we should be able to set up starting Mother's Day this year.
Wish us luck!

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