Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of New Handmade Fabric Wallets

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I have so many new wallets up on the etsy store. It's exciting everytime I make a new one because I always wonder how they will do in the store if somebody will like one enough to bring it home! I always love them all and am so excited when I post them and I guess I expect everybody to love them as much as I do! :)

It was a slow first week of April in Etsy Land. But it seems to be picking up now and I am happy about that! I have bought so many supplies and the new sewing machine so keeping my fingers crossed for more business! I do have the Astoria Sunday Market coming up in about a month's time. This weekend there is a big meeting for all the market vendors to meet and discuss protocol, etc. I am very excited about this!
And I have to get into gear and make more things to have available for the booth!
I am only participating a few Sundays throughout the summer because I just don't think I could make it on what I have available at the moment. I have to get busy sewing!
But as it is I am working a lot in the schools, so my only time to work is in the evenings and the weekends, and then I feel guilty for not being with the family. I think if I keep it up too much they may forget who their mother is! LOL
I hope not!
What did Mothers do hundreds of years ago when they worked from sun up to sun down?
Or rather, what did those kids do? I always bring this up because I am sure that mothers and fathers for that matter had little time to devote to playing with their children. I know this from reading Little House on the Prarie books. Those kids entertained themselves all the time!
Thanks for reading I better go get to work on something!


  1. Congrats!!! I saw your wallets on Etsy...AWESOME!!!!
    Cheers from Argetina, South America!


  2. Lovely wallets.
    I work full time and try to keep my 3 shops stocked. Thank goodness for a supportive husband.
    I am always running frantic...but having fun creating.
    My best.

  3. Congratulations on your sales picking up and good luck at the Astoria Sunday Market.

  4. Thanks for the comments! It's so nice to finally have some! :)

  5. These are so lovely! Can't even say which is my favorite! I like them all!!
    I understand you so much about trying to be productive while keeping your kids busy. I have a 2 years old little energetic ball and I sometimes find it so frustrated that the only time I've got to create and write is so late at night and I'm totally exhausted...
    Thanks for my very supporting partner I manage to do it somehow...