Friday, February 4, 2011

Dan's Birthday Today

That's my little brother Daniel. Of course he is not so little anymore, and neither am I! :( Ha ha. It's funny how he will always be the baby. And of course my littlest Scarlett will always be the baby in our family as well.
So I'm using my blog today as a shout out to him! Happy Birthday Little Brother! I love you!
Here's a picture of us when we were small.
Becki seems to be missing from this shot. That would have made it perfect if she were in there. Becki being my big sister!
 So here's one of us...
And appropriate for this post since I am wishing a happy birthday, here we are with our birthday caps on!


  1. Look how adorable you all are! Happy Birthday to your Dan!

    And I have to tell you... I adore that photo of you at your sewing machine. :D

  2. Thanks Wende! I wish my family would take a second to look at my blog! :)
    I have to get better about posting on it first though!

  3. Hey I totally looked at it; I just didn't post anything :) I think the site is awesome. I really love the etsy widget you have embedded, that's sweet!

    Thanks for the flashback pics....they are awesome!!

  4. Thanks for posting Dan! It is hard to know if anybody looked if there are no comments!